Who must submit the ‘release of liability’ and ‘parental authorization of children’, and why?

As a required condition to participate in the pilgrimage, the following persons must submit the subject form:

    • 1. Every parent who is not making pilgrimage, but who has registered his/her own minor-child(ren), and thus who must give parental authorization for the minor-child(ren).

      • 2. Every adult-pilgrim who has registered must also submit the form in order to grant release of liability for himself, and to communicate (if applicable) the parental authorization for any minor whom the same adult-pilgrim has registered.

        Note: One’s spouse who has registered may be included on the same form.

        • To submit parental authorization for minors accompanying you from more than one family, you must fill out a separate form for each family.

      The form takes about 2 minutes to complete – a minute or two longer, if also authorizing one or more minors.

      Parents and registrant-pilgrims must submit the form in advance esp. because there is not sufficient time or opportunity at check-in to have pilgrims submit the form once on site.

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