message for pilgrim-registrants from the Director, Pilgrimage 2019


TO: Pilgrim-registrants – Pilgrimage 2019

FROM: Greg Lloyd, Director – Pilgrimage for Restoration


A pilgrim is one who prays on The Way to the destination of his prayers.

After registering, what are the first steps of pilgrimage to prepare well for & make the best of the spiritual journey?

  1.   First & foremost, our Chaplains ask each pilgrim & brigade to offer daily the three-line prayer composed by St. Nicholas of Flüe. Find this easy-to-memorize prayer on this page of the Pilgrimage blog.
  2.   To keep abreast of developments and messages to pilgrims, and for helpful practical tips — about things like packing, transportation, camping/lodgings, gear, food, etc. — subscribe to the Pilgrimage blog.
  3.   You can also join the Pilgrimage’s Facebook group.
  4.   Looking for a ride to pilgrimage? Get in on the pilgrims’ forum, and form a car-pool — or make other plans with fellow-pilgrims for brigade life, camps, you name it.
  5.   Would you like your family to learn or practice some of the many songs sung on pilgrimage?Click here to request a CD or cassette of the Pilgrimage’s very own Songs of Pilgrimage or the documentary video. Or paste the URL into your browser. while you walk (to get your ‘souls’ in shape) or work around the house is a great way to prepare the days of grace.

A blessed pilgrimage!

Gregory P. Lloyd
Director of Pilgrimage
Fullerton, Pennsylvania

      P.S. Please notify us of any change to your planned participation.

Pilgrimage for Restoration
Come to restore. The rest will come.

NCCL – 621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052-7119 USA