How will you participate in Pilgrimage 2013?

Click here to pre-register for Pilgrimage 2013.

The dates of Pilgrimage for Restoration 2013 are September 20-22.

If you’d rather skip pre-registering, and instead submit final registration straight away, here are your options:

1. Click here to register yourself or a group for Pilgrimage 2013.

2. Click here to register your family for more than one day, whether for the ‘modified Pilgrimage’ or walking with the ‘main column’.

3. Click here to register for Sunday’s events only.

Wish to sponsor a needy pilgrim, to support the NCCL apostolate, or to participate in pilgrimage from afar? Just click here.

To volunteer for the Company of St. Rene Goupil, the apostolate which cares for the temporal needs of fellow-pilgrims, click here.