message for pilgrim-registrants about shuttle service, car-pools, and transportation all 3 days of Pilgrimage 2016


TO: Pilgrim-registrants, Pilgrimage 2016

FROM: Dennis P. Mitchell, R.O. – Transportation-Team – Co. of St. René Goupîl


After completing registration, be sure also to submit the transportation form, to coordinate with organizers your arrival at the pilgrimage starting point Thursday, 22 September, and in order to guarantee retrieval of your vehicle after the final Mass Sunday, 25 September.

Even if you or the group you are traveling with intend to keep your vehicle throughout the pilgrimage, we ask you to submit the form, to tell us that.

Please don’t delay. The sooner my colleagues & I know your plans, the sooner your itinerary can be fixed and together we can all help fellow pilgrims looking for rides.

Please also visit the online pilgrims’ forum to interact with fellow pilgrims, including to help those needing a ride to the starting-point, and back home.

Lots of pilgrims are looking for rides to step-off. Information you offer to others in the forum, and by submitting the transportation form, can be used to help arrange car-pools.

Please contact me if you have any questions about transportation.

A blessed pilgrimage!

Dennis P. Mitchell, Vice-Director
  and Responsible Officer (R.O.)
CSRG Transportation-Team
Company of St. René Goupîl
Bangor, Pennsylvania
610/390-9507 cellular

Pilgrimage for Restoration
Come to restore. The rest will come.

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