a word about conducting oneself & family modestly on pilgrimage, in dress foremost


TO: registrants — fellow pilgrims in The Lord

FROM: Greg Lloyd – Director of the Pilgrimage


The pilgrimage’s Chaplain has asked me to remind pilgrims to observe norms of Christian modesty on pilgrimage.

As regards clothes, they are to adorn and conceal, not reveal the body, its figure and skin. Decent apparel complements, without flaunting, one’s God-given beauty. It is an outward sign of the soul’s invisible dignity and virtues.

Gentlemen are asked please to refrain from wearing short-trousers, tank tops, tee shirts, and/or apparel with shocking or distracting designs. Though in the Adirondack wilderness, we also attend holy Mass. It is only fitting, therefore, to keep clothing neat and in good repair.

On pilgrimage, most ladies wear dresses or skirts, which we ask always to be cut below knee length. If they find they must wear slacks, they are durable, but always loose-fitting, and to the ankle. Blouses should also show good measure: not tight-fitting or sleeveless, and no low necklines. In the apostolic tradition, ladies also wear a hat, scarf, or mantilla while praying the holy Mass. (Cf. Epistle of St. Paul, I Cor. xi, 6-7)

Please let me hear from you if you have any questions. mail [at] pilgrimage-for-restoration.org


Gregory P. Lloyd
Pilgrimage Director

Pilgrimage for Restoration
Come to restore. The rest will come.



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