One last step to complete registration – release of liability & parental authorization of minors

AFTER you have registered and remitted the fee, every adult registrant must please submit the release of liability.

Every parent or/and guardian of minor (i.e., pilgrim-registrants under age 18) must also submit the parental authorization of minors using the same form.

CLICK HERE NOW to submit the form.

    Note: Except for spouses, families, or guardians of minors — who may submit one form, all together — all pilgrims must submit their own release of liability.
  • To submit parental authorization for minors accompanying you from more than one family, you must fill out a separate form for each family.

The form takes about 2 minutes to complete – a minute or two longer, if also authorizing one or more minors.

Parents and all registrant-pilgrims must submit the form in advance, because there is not sufficient time or opportunity at check-in to have pilgrims submit the form once on site.

To find out more about who must submit the form and why, click here.

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